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State Capital : Sacramento Origin of state's name: Named by Spanish after Califia, a mythical paradise in a Spanish romance, written by Montalvo in 1510.

Because California is sooo big, I will let you decide where to visit. Just click on the picture of the area you would like to vist.

Visit San Francisco chez
Visit Yosemite
San Francisco
Berkeley - Chez Panisse Star
Yosemite Park
CharlieBrown artichoke
Charles Schulz Museum
Giant Artichoke - 20 ft. tall,
restaurant to right, frut and veg stand on left where they sell artichoke chips
Historic El Camino Real
(This isn't in the places to visit book, but should be)
Castroville, CA (on my way from Walnut Creek to 17 Mile Drive)
17mile   Visit San Diego
17 Mile Drive Star   San Diego
(Non clickable pictures of note.)    
Hugh Jackman - The Man. The Music. The Show. at the Hollywood Bowl. Star July 2019. Rocketman live with the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra Oh, and 2 other guys. :)
Hugh Rocketman EltonTaron

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