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April 27, we took the train from Paris to Tain L'Hermitage where Jane was to attend her Chocolate class at Valrhona.
Arrival in Tain L'Hermitage - the wine vineyards are not totally green, yet.
The walking bridge from Tain L'Hermitage to Tournon.
Picture of Tournon.
Jane and I walked around the town on arrival and found this statue -
Les Senteurs (The Senses).
Where Jane was going to spend the next 3 1/2 days learning the fine art of chocolate making. Valrhona got it's name from the Rhone Valley where it is located.
Our hotel. Yes - it is pink.
While Jane was slaving over a hot temperer, Derrick and I walked all over the place and tasted wine from local vineyards. (except for the one day we got stuck in a COLD rain storm, but that is another story)
We climbed a hill in Tournon and took this picture of Tain L'Hermitage.
This picture also from Tournon.
If you know me, you know my obsession with mountains. The Alps in the background.
A quaint picture of Tain L'Hermitage from Tournon.
Tournon from the walking bridge after dinner.
There were these funky trees with cool bark.
A french scene.

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