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Jane and I had one day (April 26) to ourselves to see France before heading to Tain L'Hermitage,
and we took FULL advantage!
Our hotel was in what I called the "Administrative" district. Never at a loss for guards.
The front of the National Assembly building.
Our first real view of the Eiffel tower!
The glass palace - I totally want a roof like that in my house! But Jane doesn't think it will do well with snow.
The Eiffel Tower - in full view.
Jane in front of the palace.
Ok - so maybe I don't want a glass roof.... gives a whole new meaning to "I don't do windows."
Arc de Triomphe
Jane and I took a lunch cruise on the River Seine. No - we aren't back in the U.S. - this is the model of the Statue of Liberty that France kept. I'm told this is looking towards NY. I'll take their word for it.
Notre Dame from the River - we'll be back....
The Île de la Cité - with Notre Dame.
We are FINALLY AT the Eiffel Tower.
One of the four elevators to take you to the first platform.
Monsieur Eiffel - or a replica thereof.
Going up....
Jane in 'high' spirits. :-)
The city (the glass palace) from the Eiffel.
The Louvre from the Eiffel.
The Arc...
You can see modern Paris in the background.
Looking down - don't worry - there is a railing.
We decided to take the stairs down.
They were nice enough to number them so you wouldn't have to count.
This is about the length of the line we waited in. Not too bad, though.
Pictures of those who chose to ride down.
Now we are at the arc - it is sunset and, yes, I am standing in the middle of the road.
This time we took the stairs up AND down. Kind of made me dizzy on the way down.
View of Champs-Elysées from atop the Arc.
The lights on the tower started coming on while we were on top of the Arc. Beautiful sight.
When in doubt - follow the running man!
The Arc at night.
It is almost midnight and we are almost back at the hotel - one last shot.
Train Station - heading down to Tain L'Hermitage
Arriving in Tain L'Hermitage! Click HERE to go to that web page
The Louvre - no, we didn't go in. I know, I know.... But we were on a mission.
The best chocolate team in France...in case you are wondering where we are, Nici (middle) is nice enough to hold up a sign. :-)
The mission - to find the Amarino Gelato shop near Notre Dame. Courtesy of Nici. Gorgeous and delicious, too!
I'll let Nici explain this one to any one who knows her! (gotta love it!)
Tour of Chocolate factories on May 2nd. (Look in the mirror and see a familiar face.)
Cocoa bear - courtesy of Patrick Roger boutique. No, it wasn't solid and it wouldn't fit in the overhead.
If you don't get this - I'm not explaining - just move on....
May 3rd - Jane knew of my obsession with Strawberry pastries. I think I about drove her nuts on this day!
Supposedly the street where the French Revolution started.
Roses at a local market - just gorgeous!
At the zoo (that Napoleon started). The orangutan exhibit - who is watching who?
I forget what kind of animal this was, but it was very odd.... The kids think so, too!
The Chestnut trees were in full bloom in Paris.
Inside Notre Dame.
One last picture of Notre Dame and then Au Revoir from France.  

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