~Marlins Park~

~June 14, 2015 Rockies at Marlins~

Marlins Park
Marlins Park is a work of art... there are parking garages right next door, connected by breezeways.  Which is a good thing with the afternoon showers in S. Florida almost a given.

Marlins park
Marlins park
Just more pictures of the park - it is quite a site
Marlins Park
Marlins Park

From the inside walking up the ramp to my seat

Seating chart
From the ramp walking to my seat
Seating Chart... I'm on first base side
First view of field
Onion tour
First view of field
The onion tour - fresh onions, relish and jalapeņos
Charging station
View from my seat
Are we at a ballpark or airport?
View from my seat
The 'thing'
The art installation in center - or some call it 'the thing'
It's time for that beard to GO
Prado intro
Martin and jr. fielders
The starting lineups announced - Martin!
It was Sunday, so kids on the field to greet the home team.  Prado snuck up on his guys... it was so cute!.
Prado and jr fielders
Prado and jr fielders
He spent quite a while engaging his 2 jr fielders - - - - They really looked engaged in whatever he was saying - and they got an autographed ball each.
Lineups Charlie at bat
Charlie leading off - the scoreboards are COLORFUL About 2 seconds after this picture, Charlie hit a home run.
Prado at bat Shoulder sprain
Prado up to bat... He got a hit, but got tangled up with the first baseman, took a tumble and had to exit the game with a shoulder sprain... :-(
Thing Billy the Marlin
The home run statue was quiet for the Marlins this day. Mascot Billy the Marlin
Out of Town Info board
The out of town scoreboard has a nice graphic for games in rain delay! Everything is just so colorful... the info board is no exception.
Sea Creature race Ichiro
Sea creature race Ichiro came in to pinch hit... I guess he wanted a SMALL strike zone.  Just kidding - he does this 'stretch' before each at bat.
Final Score
Final Score.
Bobblehead Museum Bobblehead Museum
They have a Bobblehead Museum.  The shelves 'shake' so at any time a row or rows of dolls are 'bobbling'
Pence Statue from behind
One of my favorite bobbleheads!  Hunter Pence on his scooter. Walked around the park after, and this is the back of the statue.  You can see it is several layers, and can get an idea what would happen if a Marlin got a homer..
Windows open Prado Elevator
The windows were open after the game, you can see the tracks. Martin Prado bidding farewell.
Pudge memories
Memories of 2003 - Pudge.

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