~Kauffman Stadium~

~April 5, 2010 Tigers vs. Royals - opening day~

Cloudy start to the day.
George Brett.
Frank White Jr - 2nd baseman, local guy.
Fountains and field.
Ewing and Muriel Kauffman
KC sign.
Fountains at full strength! 25th anniversary of World Series win.
In honor of anniversary, former Royals were introduced... among them, Joe Randa on left and George Brett on right.
Onion tour continues.. with the regular relish accompaniment and a local KC sauce in the middle.
Tiger lineup and Royals in field
Zack Greinke starting for the Royals.
Justin Verlander gets the Opening Day nod for the Tigers.
Tigers in the field and KC's lineup.
Action - Johnny Damon off of first.
Farnsworth brought in late.

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