~Jacobs Field (The Jake)~

~April 11, 2006 Mariners vs Indians~
(first game 1994, named for brothers Richard and David Jacobs, who bought the Indians in 1986)

Jacobs Field

Rock & Roll Blvd Street Sign
Program with Cliff Lee Pictured
Where else would the ball park be?
Program for the series - Cliff Lee was starting this night.
Map of the field
Jacobs Field Gate C
Outside of the Jake
The "seats" are the words "Who's on First"

Jacobs Field

Jacobs Field
Outside the Jake
Outside the Jake
Erie St Cemetery
Downtown Cleveland
Across the street is "Erie St Cemetery".. Hmmmm The ball park helped revive the down town area. It was very nice.
Welcome sign with picture
Statue of Bob Feller - played his whole career with the Indians
(1936 to 1956) Link to information http://www.bobfellermuseum.org/facts.html
Welcome sign...
Retired numbers
455 The Fans
Retired numbers... Retired 455? 'The Jake' had 455 consecutive sold out games
The Field
Diners behind glass in left field.
Where the 'Indians' name came from. Click here to read .
Info about Cy Young. Click here to read.
My favorite part of the park - the "Batter's Eye". If you want to get a souvenir before the game - this is the place to do it.
Ground crew on field
Yep - they've got real onions.
Game's about to start.
Visitors Line Up
Home Line Up
Visitor Line up
Home Line up
Players coming out of dugout
Indians catcher and Ichiro talking
Let's play ball!!
Ichiro sharing a hello (or Konichiwa) with the catcher Victor Martinez
Ichiro batting
Ichiro at bat - he didn't have a very good night, though.  
Baseball coming to First Baseman
Boone at bat
"Incoming!!!" Aaron Boone at the plate.. he got a double on this occasion.
Looking at TV cameras display
Baseball under the lights
Hmm - what's on TV?
Jhonny Peralt replay
Pitcher, catcher, manager and first baseman meeting on mound
SS Jhonny Peralta had a good night - including this home run!
Home Runs usually signal a time for a meeting.
Pitcher, catcher and manager meeting on mound
Fans doing the wave
So, Cliff - do you like the wave or is it just annoying?
Slider on dugout
Indian's mascot - Slider. Not really sure what he is. May be a cousin of the Phanatic... Not nearly as entertaining, though.
They won this night (only night of the series they won!) They only shot off one little thing of fireworks, though .
Indians win on scoreboard
Cleveland Players on field
Final Line
Players sharing high 5s.
"Thank you for attending"
Well, you are welcome!

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