~Giants Stadium~

~April 26, 2006 Mets vs Giants~

Giants Park from across cove

Giants Park stop
In the Muni train station
Here's our stop
Outside the park
SBC Park (or AT&T or whatever) Entrance
Outside of the park.
SBC Park (or AT&T or whatever) Entrance

Willie McCovey Plaque

Willie Mays Plaque
Willie McCovey plaque on outside wall
Willie Mays plaque on outside wall (Hm - if you want to be a Giant - start going by 'Willie')
Willie Mays Statue
View of ballpark and 3rd st bridge
Willie Mays Statue View of ballpark and Lefty O'Doul or 3rd St bridge that goes across McCovey Cove.
Baseball pattern on walkway
NY Giants History
Check out the pattern of the walkway.
A little NY history..
Juan Marichal Statue
Ballpark and cove
Juan Marichal Statue
View of ballpark and cove.
Park across cove
Willie McCovey Statue
Across the cove, now. Where are all the kayak ball hunters?
Willie McCovey statue across the cove.
Heading back
Heading back across 3rd St. bridge.
Vehicles are not permitted on the sidewalk so as to not run over pedestrians!!!
onions dispenser
Coke bottle
My personal onion tour of ballparks. I think they are real, but I deduct points for the goofy dispenser. Fun slide or shameless advertising? You decide - love the glove, though. No one has hit one in to it, yet.
McCovey from stadium
Pitchers picture
Willie McCovey area from the park.
Pitching matchup. Again - is it SBC or AT&T Park?
Cable Car
Street sign
When the Giants hit a home run - they ring the cable car bell... and that's it..... D- for home run celebration.
Where am I? Looks like Cooperstown, NY is a scant 2,886 miles away.
View of park from outfield.
Mom waving
Continuing my walk around the park.
Mom waving at me from the upper deck (where our seats were).
Yogi Berra quotes
2 ladies with hats with buttons on them
Gotta love that Yogi! "I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early."
Giants super fans... even their soda is orange!!
Overhead picture of kids play area
Coke bottle slide
Who's winning THIS game?
Coke bottle slide
Giants and Mets player with the Giants mascot
Mets lineup on board.
The mascot (Lou Seal - ugh...) is telling Pedro Feliz, "No fraternizing with the enemy!!!"
Mets lineup
Giants lineup
Giants lineup. No Bonds. Must be the reason there was no one waiting in the cove!
Play ball!!
Barry Bonds coming to plate
Picture of Barry Swinging
Bottom of the 9th, 1 on 1st - Giants down by 2 and Barry Bonds coming in to Pinch Hit against lefty Billy Wagner.
Here comes the pitch.....
Picture of field
Bonds 710
.... and there it goes... Barry hit a home run to tie the game- check out the 3rd baseman (hands on knees, head bowed).
Changing of the sign
Bonds 711
The Mets got 2 in the top of the 10th and won the game 9-7, but we had to leave after the 9th was over to get the rental car to go to Yosemite.... I HATE leaving games early!!! I missed some free baseball! BUT the good news was the Mets DID win.

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