~Citizen's Bank Park~

~July 24, 2014 Giants vs. Phillies~

Bell at Citizens Bank Park
The bell rings when the home team hits a home run and when the Phils win.
Statue Robin Roberts
One of the Statues outside - Robin Roberts
Lineups for the days game

Tim Hudson pitching for the Giants

Tim Hudson pitching for the Giants


Double decker bullpens - originally they put the home team on top, to prevent their fans from harassing the away team... turns out, the fans gave the HOME bullpen such a bad time, they had to put the home team on bottom.-



Pence is now a 'visitor' - but no heckling here... they still love him.
Huddy warming up to hit

Pence at bat


What is Hunter swinging at?
A Phillies game is not a Phillies game without a Phanatic siting
Final Score
Final - Phillies 2, Giants 1 - well pitched game!

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