~New Busch Stadium~

~August 25, 2007 Braves vs. Cardinals~

picture of hold and new busch
Busch Memorial Opens May 12, 1966
View from hotel room - the hole is where old Busch stadium was. Almost 2 years after the final game (Oct 2005). There were memorial bricks at certain points around the new stadium - included were Cardinal historic markers, such as this one. Looks like the Cards beat the Braves in the first game in Busch Memorial (Old Busch) on May 12, 1966.
Statue of Jack Buck broadcasting
Plaque with diagram of old and new
There was a nice tribute to Jack Buck, including sound.
A visual of how the new and old merged.
Picture of onions in packets.
Sad to say that New Busch scored zero on the onion tour. VERY disappointed. The scoreboard, however, was a huge plus in my opinion. I LOVE how they even rotate not only the scores, but the live action on the left. (Notice the World Champion flags.)
Overall, the park was very nice.
Even a nice view of the arch could be found.
Tony LaRussa and Bobby Cox at first pitch ceremonies. Two of the winningest managers. (Oh, yeah - Jim Edmunds, too.)
Old park or new - FredBird can always be found.
Final score, with the Retired Cardinal numbers underneath score board. Not a good night for the Braves, or as a seat neighbor stated in the Cards fifth inning, "Tattoo Tim [Hudson] got tattooed!"

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