~Blue Jays Stadium (too many names)~

~May 22, 2006 Rays vs Jays~

In 2006 it was the Rogers Center - before that it was the Sky Dome...
Next door to the CN Tower
Hmmm - hate to run in to the Blue Jay that left this print.
No - this pic isn't from my seat - just a warning to those wanting to sit in the Level 200 seats - if you sit too far back, the over hang interferes with the view.

Onion review: They were real, but not diced. So, I'd give them a 6 of 10.
THIS is from my seat - pretty great, huh? Actually, it was from 2 seats over from my seat (there was someone sitting right next, so I decided to move down and give some room. Later in the game, a foul ball came over the very short net and hit the seat I was supposed to be in.
Roof wasn't open, but I've read that it was the first retractable roof in baseball.
The flags: 2 countries and 2 world series wins... 1 of which at the hands of the Atlanta Braves.
Conference on the mound - Hey, guys - what's for dinner?
Action shot.
Fastest ground crew in the East... The fans applauded like crazy!
Ok - check out the 'Ray' in the on-deck circle. This is the closest I've ever seen a hitter be able to look at a pitcher from on -deck.
The Mascot - Ace.
Well, really - what did you THINK was going to be their mascot?
The Jays trainer came out to look at the ump. He got hit in the throat by a foul.
Closing time!
Retired numbers
Jays won!
6-4 was the score
It was a day game (Victoria Day) so when we got out, it was still light. Here ia a pic of the 'gargoyles' on the outside of the stadium (with the CN tower in the background).
Bridge across the way. A lot of the fans were staying downtown for the Victoria Day fireworks. Me, I had to travel about an hour and a half north.
A closer look at the 'gargoyles'.
Sun setting.
Nice parting shot!!

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