~A's Coliseum~

~April 23, 2006 Angels vs Athletics~

A's Coliseum

A's Banners
View of Field
A Different Brand of Baseball... Vs. Committed to Excellence as posted on the Raiders banner (top picture)??? Hmmm
First view of the field
Philadelphia Champ Years
Oakland Champ Years
For those who didn't know, the A's were located in Philadelphia, first. These are the years of the World Series wins while in Philly.
These are the years of the World Series wins in Oakland.

Zero Splash Hits Four World Titles

picture of onions and relish
A dig at the team across town.
My own personal ballpark review... A's get an A for REAL onions.
Elephant Mascot in Car
Stomper mascot
The A's mascot is an Elephant. For why, click here.
'Stomper' and friend getting ready to dance. For the video, click here.
ball in play
Picture of pitcher Loaiza
Play on the field... Runner was thrown out at second.
Estoban Loaiza was the starter for the A's.
Garrett Anderson backing away at bat
Bases loaded with A's
This pitch was juuuuuust a bit inside. (Garrett Anderson at bat)
Bases loaded with A's - perfect time for a conference.
Picture of Jason Kendall
Picture of final score
Kendall sighting... he didn't start on this day. :-(
Well, the final score was not too friendly for the home team. I think "Let's go Oakland" in this case means let's go home. Good, fun game, though.
Wall of fame
NO Unauthorized selling of anything poster
Picture of the A's wall of fame - including Billy Martin and Curt Flood, who was the 'father' of free agency.
Just in case any one had ANY ideas.
BART back to the other side of the bay. Fun day!

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