~Angel Stadium (the Big A)~

~May 4, 2013 Orioles vs. Angels~

  picture of stadium from parking lot
  View walking in from parking lot. Getting closer - you can see the bats over the entrance.
  Quite a hat size!  Dry clean only, though.
In Anaheim, in the shadow of Disneyland - of course you have a mouse.
Onion tour
  First view of the field - we were sitting just to left of the fountain in the outfield. Onions in the crank case.
  Back of the "A" fountain.
The field from our seats.  Couldn't really see the scoreboard that well.  But fun.
  Albert Pujols at First. 
Trout intrigued by grass?
  Final score - unfortunately the Rally Monkey didn't have the magic for the Angels today.

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