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Thur June 14th -Detroit at Chicago Cubs 1:20 Start    
I knew I had made the right choice when I saw the hotel shuttle emblazoned with Harry Caray At the hotel, there is a Harry Caray's attached to the hotel. Hooooly Cow! No - this statue isn't at the hotel, we are at Wrigley... they moved the statue from where I saw it before to Waveland.
Front of Stadium They had several new statues from the last time I visited. This is Ernie Banks - note the blue socks, hat and number. It WAS a beautiful day, playing two would have been fine with me. Last time I visited, it was April, no Ivy. This time the Ivy was definitely filled in.
Retired numbers - Maddux..... Today's pitching matchup on the new scoreboard in right. If you are not familiar with the onion tour - it will take too long to explain, so just move on.
1st inning - looking good for the Tigers. "Let's go Tigers" could be heard loud and clear. LOTS of Tiger fans at Wrigley. Justin Verlander, a.k.a. JV, didn't have his best today, but only allowed 2 runs. He also laid down 2 bunts - not this at bat, though.
Pappa Grande (Jose Valverde) closes it out for JV. Good thing Austin Jackson hit a home run in the top of the 9th, though, to give Pappa Grande a bit of flexibility. (Notice the arms raised and clapping, and the orange in the bleachers - did I mention LOTS of Tiger fans?) Line Score. Final Stats.
  This is from Navy Pier where we went after the game.  
Fri June 15th - Pirates at Indians 7:05 Start    
We had a tour of Progressive in the afternoon. Here is the dugout all nice and neat and clean. Here are pictures of the predecessors to Progressive Field. And we got to visit what was left of League Park.
Hopefully you can read this, but we got to walk on the grounds where Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Cy Young and others played. Very amazing. (More pictures to be posted later.) Back at Progressive for the game, we had "All you can eat" seats in an area of the club level. My favorite part? Barrels of peanuts all over! (Well, that and the ice cream.)

The onion tour continues.... sauteed, fried, or just plain chopped. White, yellow or purple..... But I guess this isn't really a fair comparison on the onion tour. This must be considered an outlier. :-)

Matchup for the evening. The drum guy in center field. Notice the girl on the left, and the lady (obviously prepared) on the right. Final.... And then we had a pretty great fireworks show.
Sat June 16th - (AA) Tranton Thunder at Harrisburg Senators 7:05 Start (AA) clubs for Yankees and Nationals  
The park is on the Susquehanna River.... Right across from Harrisburg -the capital of PA. It is actually on City Island, which is in the middle of the river. And you can walk around the stadium to see sights, rent a canoe, kayak, or play mini-golf and have a picnic.
The train goes around the complex. Inside the park. It was bring your pet to the park night. Mostly dogs, but there were 2 cats. This is Licorice, his 2nd year! I kept looking back and he was doing just fine.....
Exchange of lineup cards. Remember, only 3 umps in AA. Our seats were great! Well, ALL the seats were great at this cozy park. Minor league fun! Brushing the bases.
  Yes - you are reading the scoreboard correctly. The Senators had the 3rd baseman pitch the last inning.  
Sun June 17th - New York Yankees at Washington Nationals 1:30 Start    
Parking deck with metallic baseballs... Shiny. One of the entrances has important dates in D.C. baseball on the walk. And on the side of each important year, is the detail.
With a night off in AA, the onion tour continues. One of the statues in the fan plaza. Josh Gibson. Notice the attempt to capture movement of the bat swing. Fan area.
Batting practice. This franchise came from Montreal. The 2 retired numbers. Gary Carter and Andre Dawson. This stadium is also on a river - the Potomac.
Another baseball chandelier (see Seattle's park). National Anthem played by 2 local violinists. It was amazing! Screech - the mascot.
Derek Jeter.... Bryce Harper. The President's race - notice the 2 in the back. Jefferson body blocked Washington.
  Bad day for the Nats.  
After the game, we got to see a few sites. The Vietnam Memorial. Vietnam Wall. Lincoln Memorial
The Washington Monument, taken from the Lincoln Memorial. Korean Memorial Korean Memorial.
The Marine Memorial - a.k.a. Iwo Jima Memorial. World War II Memorial (These are all stars, each star represents 100 lives lost.) The Washington Monument as seen from the WWII Memorial.
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