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State Capital : Cheyenne Origin of state's name: Based on an Algonquin or Delaware Indian word meaning "large prairie place".

December 2007
Yep - this storm was heading our way... It was pretty icy and foggy driving, but we had a plan.
Near Laramie, built in 1872, the prison held some of the most notorious outlaws in the region, including Butch Cassidy.
It was closed, because really - who in their right mind would be here at this time of year?
But we got to walk around.
Not even bread and water?
Donations to help revitalize the prison... and one by the Anonymous business.  
Vedauwoo National Park
We asked the lady at the Wyoming Visitors Center what to do - she laughed (because of the weather) and then said that there were some cool rock formations at this site.  
Cindie came out this time, but it was usually too cold for her so I was the designated photographer.... See the black sky behind her?  
My attempt at artistic photography.  
Now, on to Cheyenne....
Yep - Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming. The other thing the lady at the visitor center mentioned was all the boots in cheyenne. It took awhile for us to locate the first one, but once we did...
A former train station, now used for shops and restaurants.  

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