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State Capital: Olympia Origin of state's name: Named after George Washington.

In May of 2007, I was going to a job in Kennewick, Washington and thought I'd fly in to Seattle, see some sights there (ahem, baseball) then drive to Kennewick, via Roslyn (home of Northern Exposure).
A picture of Seattle from Safeco field. I would have seen more, but I missed my a.m. flight because I cleaned out my wallet and didn't put my drivers license back in. Ugh. It took a bit to find Roslyn, WA - but it was soooo worth it! Can you just see the moose walking? (for those Northern Exposure fans)
Apparently wall painting is a big thing here.
The Brick with Holling and Shelley..
Ruth Ann's store... Of course - KBHR - run by Minnifield Communications (on the door).
Where's Chris? (If you are not a Northern Exposure fan, these aren't making any sense)
Dr. Fleischman and Marilyn have business.
Ok, so I finally left Roslyn (after a great lunch) and headed on to Kennewick. On the way, time for one last picture. The Olympic Mountains.

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