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State Capital: Saint Paul Nickname: Land of 10,000 lakes

August 2004 - Segway Tour!!
Cindie and Segway Tour Sign Cindie on a Segway with an instructor
About to embark on our adventure... My cousin Cindie playing the role of Vanna. Cindie learning how to stand up...
Cindie in a row of Segway people
Picture of the wheel of the Segway that shows "Magical History Tour.com"
Practicing... Shameless Advertising plug for possible future discount!! :)
Segway riding over a bridge towards St. Paul, MN Picture of a line of people riding Segways down a hill
We are finally going somewhere!! Downhill racer. (Do you realize how difficult it is to ride a Segway, keep your balance going down hill and take a picture at the same time?? I didn't think so!)
Picture of Cindie waving to the camera
Picture of the handle bar of a Segway
NOOOO, that is not a hospital tag, we just had a lunch break and the arm bracelets tell our guide who can get back on the Segways! This is how we keep our balance and go!
Picture of a line of people going down a path on Segways
Picture of a riverboat
Goin' cross country!! About to embark, or debark, or just woof...
Cindie doing a fake grin for the camera
Picture of cirrus clouds
Takin' it easy on the boat Tell me what you see (Rorschach® test gone cirrus)


July 1999

Drawbridge in Duluth, MN Drawbridge in Duluth, MN
Drawbridge in Duluth, MN. The cars can actually stay on the bridge as it raises!!
Drawbridge in Stillwater Picture of Stillwater through trees
June 1999 - Stillwater, MN


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