~ Idaho Page ~
(My 50th state!)

State Capital: Boise Motto: Esto perpetua (Let it be perpetual, or, It is forever)

I had always said when I went to Idaho I wanted to raft and see a Boise State game. Well.... I did one of those things. I booked both, but the weather took a turn for the worse so no one else booked the raft trip with me, so it was cancelled. Probably for the best because I was sick anyway. I changed my flight and came home early, bummed. On the way home, in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for my connection, I noticed a lady wearing a Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour t-shirt.... which led me to look up Elton's tour dates while I was waiting... which led me and Andrea to see Elton and Taron and an outdoor viewing of Rocketman backed by the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra. Sooooo....

Anyway - we are here to talk about Idaho, and Boise - so here are a few pics.


BSU's famous 'smurf turf''. Or as they prefer - The Blue. There was a color scheme for this Sept 6 home game against Marshall- sections were to alternate Blue, Orange and White. I was in a blue section and I omplied.

Lower right you can see Marshall's folks in green.

They had a dog trained to retrieve the ball tee after Boise did any kick-off.

Band   Note to self - have to remember to find out where the press box is and sit on that side so you aren't watching the half-time show from behind.

Final score.

BSU won, but I agree with the overhearde comment on the walk back to the hotel - it was a sloppy win.

A former coworker lived in the Boise area. He suggested I check out a couple of places. One was the STIL, an ice cream place. STIL stands for Sweetest Things in Life. Great ice cream! I got 2 scoops - Afterschool Special (peanut butter and no bake cookies) and Wimbledon (strawberry shortcake).


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