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State Capital : Tallahassee Origin of state's name: Named on Easter 1513 by Ponce de Leon for Pascua Florida, meaning "Flowery Easter"

2015 - Everglades National Park Star
Everglades National Park Warning
Boat tour
Welcome to Everglades National Park Hmmm - guess I won't be paddling today Since I couldn't paddle, I took a guided boat tour
FLA Croc Mangroves
Baby Croc
A 'brackish' water Croc - is grey Mangrove trees were everywhere.  The information is the tannin from the roots caused the water to look like tea. This is one of the 'baby' crocs we saw.  He is only about 7-8 inches long.
2015 - Heading to the Florida Keys
Heading to the Keys View from Passenger seat
Hwy 1 South
All-American Road sign View from the passenger seat Hwy 1 South is...
FL Scenic Hwy FL Scenic Hwy
The Less Stressway
... the Florida Scenic Highway - an
"Americas Byway"
According to the site - "America's Byways are gateways to adventures where no two experiences are the same. The National Scenic Byways Program invites you to Come Closer to America's heart and soul...."
Heading North the next a.m. - we only made it to Marathon.  Long story. Florida's Turnpikes are "The Less Stressway" - that is until you get the bill for all your tolls.
Dolphin Jumping Picture of elaborate sand castle with fake penguins
Dolphins on the stage
Dolphin Show at Sea World 1992 Sand Castle at Sea World Dolphin Show at Sea World 1992
Man riding whale Whale jumping
Egret on Beach
Killer whale show at Sea World 1992 Killer whale show at Sea World 1992 Tampa beach was pretty deserted except for some snow birds
Sea Gulls
Sea Gulls in front of condo
Alligator Sand Sculpture
They seemed pretty friendly... They took me to meet their family... Now.. I'm not sayin' the birds did this, but I really didn't see any one else....


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