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State Capital: Montgomery Origin of state's name: Means "tribal town" in the Creek Indian language

January 2018, visited Helen Keller's birthplace in Tuscumbia. I grew up reading so much about Helen Keller. Can't believe it took me this long to get here.
Keller Birthplace   House
Tuscumbia, AL   Helen Keller's birthplace.
Well   House
Well where Helen discovered the link between signing and water.   The house. They had lots of property when Helen lived there.
August 21, 2017 - Eclipse that traversed the continental U.S. In Huntsville, AL it reached 97% coverage.
I took a picture with my phone through my 'eclipse glasses' - not too bad.
Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, AL  

Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, AL
Not a lot of water on this particular day.


Alabama Football!
Alabama vs. Chattanooga (UTC) - Saturday, Nov 23, 2013
The road leading into the Stadium. Nice of the light and trees to also be "Crimson" :-)
The Stadium
Bryant-Denny Stadium, that is....
Walking into the stadium - and see the field!!

The stadium opened in 1929 and was originally named Denny Stadium in honor of George H. Denny, the school's president from 1912 to 1932. In 1975, the Alabama legislature added longtime football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's name to the stadium. Bryant would coach the remaining seven seasons of his career in the stadium, making him one of the few collegiate coaches to have coached in an arena or stadium that is (partially) named for him.

Everyone getting in their places.
Getting the crowd warmed up.
Rollllllll Tide onto the field.
Play begins
Another run by the Tide  

Half-time and that means....
Hot dogs for mom (below- notice her Bama hat and scarf)....

and marching bands.
Final score - it was a shutout (as it should have been).  
After the game we wandered around the stadium. On one side was a 'walk of fame' type thing with plaques indicating landmark seasons in 'Bama history.
On the side of the walk were areas for all the coaches.
End of a wonderful day. The weather always threatened, but no rain and a Tide win.  


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