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Capital: London

Below pics are from visit in May 2006 (27-29)


Rain in London - hmmmm
I had tickets to Whistle Down the Wind - an Andrew Lloyd Weber play. Very good.
Just a reminder for us out of towners.
Where my hotel was (on left).
You know who you are....
So, I was driving to southern England and there was a bad accident. We didn't move for hours. A couple of guys got out cricket bats.
Where am I again?

I had reservations to see Stonehenge up close. I had to get up at 4:30 - no problem - the sun was up. You park on the other side of the road and walk under the street in a tunnel.

In case you forget why you are here, a nice painting of how it may have looked when 'new'.
And - there it is.
Old graffiti.  

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