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Capital: Panama City - Officially called the Republic of Panama

Below pics are from visit in January 2014

Approaching the Panama Canal. 2014 was the 100th anniversery.   Guide wires have to be attached to the side of the boat and to the train (pic coming) to help 'hold' the place. In this case, the guide is rowed out to our ship.
The other side of the wire is attached to this 'train'.   Because we are a smaller ship, we shared our lock space with other small vessels. I learned that when you register to go through the lock, they register the size of the vessel and group smaller vessels. We had a specific time, but smaller ones than us have to piggy-back whenever they get a slot.
You may be able to see the guide wire linked, here. One of our crew is ensuring everything is set correctly.   As mentioned, I visted in 2014 - the 100th anniversery. In our cabin, a video of the making of the Panama Canal was on a constant rotation. I think we ended up seeing all of the video.
We are almost raised up to exit, and we can see the other side of the lock.   And you can see the exit - we are through the lock!
It was such a nice trip through the canal. Saw some wildlife - such as this sloth.   And this gator.

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