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January 27, 2008

Athens, Greece
Headed to the subway station - I was so glad to see things in Greek and English
On the train to Downtown Athens
Once I made it through the Sunday market crowd (and BELIEVE me it was crowded) here is my first sight of the Acropolis.
But first, there were some ruins on the way....
Looks like they had some leftover pieces.
Again - VERY glad for English signs.
Public Latrines.
Or, what is left of them....
Tower of the Winds for time calculations....
Tower of the Winds
One of the carvings
An Athenian cat, looking for food among the ruins
I start my walk up to the Acropolis - it wove in between homes.
The view going up was beautiful.
Getting closer.
Almost there....
Ok, so I am about to 'enter' the Acropolis - and there is this sign. No SINGING? I hadn't even thought of it until I was told not to.
Another beautiful view.
Temple of Athena Nike - they were doing preventive restoration and they had signs explaining what they were doing at each structure.
Athena Nike Temple
The Parthenon.
It was just amazing that there were ruins right in the middle of a modern city.
The Parthenon
Did not get a picture of what this building was....
On my way out I slipped and grabbed a pillar to steady myself - think any one will notice? (haha)
I had the BEST fresh squeezed Orange juice here than I've had any where (sorry Florida). A guy I trained also brought in an orange fresh from the orchard and it was just delicious (AND it was January!!)
Headed back to the hotel.
It snowed when I was there. I was told it hardly ever snows. There was also a small earthquake while I was there. WHAT an experience!

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