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Province Capital: San José Motto: Pura Vida

Below pics are from visit in January 2014

During the cruise, we visited Corcovado National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park

One of the monkeys we saw at one of our stops - - so cute!   A very pretty sky picture. There were a lot of them.
One of the activity options was ocean kayaking. I took pictures of a couple of my fellow kayakers.   We were out on the water for a few hours, and visited a few inlets like this.
We pulled over at one inlet.   Our guide cut open a coconut and let us try fresh coconut water and meat. The water was very good and refreshing! The way he was hacking the coconut in his hand, a few of the folks were thinking he would hack a finger off - but he said he had several years experience and confessed his mom still worries.
On the way back to the ship.   We were pulling up to the 'usual' side, but noticed the tinders were docked and the stairs were not down. The guide radioed back to the ship. We were told to go to the other side....
Which meant some hard upstream paddling - but there are the stairs - - and we finally got back on board. What a wonderful day on the water!    

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