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Canadian Capital located in Ottawa.
Province Capital
: Toronto

Below pics are from visit in May 2006

CN tower in Toronto

CN Tower in Toronto (www.cntower.ca)

Then it was off to Cambridge to train. Cambridge, Canada that is.
BUT - I had time for sight seeing after the first night.
This is over looking the Speed River
Looks kind of like PA
There is also a fairly large Mennonite population here, I was told.
A one lane bridge. I went over it twice just to test my luck!
More farm pics. It was just beautiful.
I was doing my best to heed this.
Found a nice walking (or riding) path.
More flowers.
The path had several areas like this.
And some marshy areas, too!
Ah! Behold the elusive Blue Moose!
Finally captured on film! (This was in someones back yard that was viewable from the Speed River walking path).
Province flower. White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) I didn't know it at the time I took this picture.
I camped out waiting for this butterfly to light!
More marshy areas...
At the head of this trail, they warn about using repellant in order to not get any mosquito born disease.

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