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Province Capital: Fredericton

Below pics are from visit to Saint John in December 2007

The town square, King's Square, with a poster for the show I went to see on Friday.

Tree in a small park near hotel.
The moose was located in the same park, with the harbor right behind (see the lighthouse).
The tree from a different angle. The harbor was on the Bay of Fundy.
Yes - I liked this tree.
I'm on my way to see Sound of Music at the Imperial Theatre (in the very back of picture - lights are on moniker).
To get to the Imperial, I walked through King's Square.
Inside the Imperial. It was built in 1913.
It was originally part of the Boston, Montreal, Saint John vaudeville circuit.
It has been through several changes - vaudeville, a movie theatre and even a church!
But in the late 80s the city bought it and had it restored to its former glory.
Very nice theatre! Oh, and the show was very good, too!

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